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Department of Treasury uses Pixel Perfect to generate Form 1042-S from within Tableau

Case Study

An executive department of the Federal Government used Pixel perfect ‘On Demand’ to effectively meet and create form 1042-S reports from within Tableau. This move modernized the Department’s reporting process, allowing them to generate perfectly formatted reports as per regulatory specifications, and further assisted the Federal Body to sunset Hyperion and adopt Tableau as their single reporting platform.

In an attempt to modernize and simplify their reporting process, the Department of Treasury turned towards the use of innovative and intelligent self-service tools such as Tableau. However, the departments' internal revenue services team still faced challenges with adoption and implementation of the same. The team still relied heavily on the use of traditional BI tools to generate their Form 1042-S (a United States Internal Revenue Service tax forms dealing with payments to foreign persons, including non-resident aliens, foreign partnerships, foreign corporations, foreign estates, and foreign trusts)

Learn how USEReady helped the United States Treasury to modernize their traditional process – empowering them with speed and efficiency, all at the click of a button through Pixel Perfect.

Department of Treasury uses Pixel Perfect to generate Form 1042-S from within Tableau
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